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Garage Door Repair Lakeway welcomes all clients and is ready to assist every one of them with the same commitment and dedication. When you are indecisive about which company to choose for garage door services, it's best to consider what each company offers you before you make a decision. That's an honest suggestion! That's how honest we are!

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We are fast, excellent and committed to you

We offer full residential service. From the replacement of the existing door to the installation of the new one, its maintenance and repairs, we are at your service. We are proficient in what we do, fast when you need same day service and make sure problems are solved as fast as possible. As far as our services are concerned, you can be certain that Garage Door Repair Lakeway has you covered. Though, we can also assure you that despite our strict professionalism and full commitment to each project, we also have other qualities which are equally important.

* We approach the client with kindness, explain things in a nice way and always remember that just because we know how electric garage door openers work it doesn't mean that the rest of the population would know, too. So, we are analytical and try to keep things simple since our intention is to make you understand a few substantial things before you buy new electric operators or other parts and doors

* We are prompt and never late. Being on time for services is important even if the problem is not urgent. We understand that you have your own obligations and you want to plan for the day. You also want to see your overhead door problems gone as soon as possible and that's why we try to be fast

* We are well-equipped when we come for services so that we won't have to come back unless it's necessary to order new repair partsGarage Door Repair Lakeway, TX

By staying truthful to you we remain truthful to our own profession and this we believe is to our honor. So, do trust us for your needs just like this customer did a few months back. Read the story he sent.

“I pressed the clicker repeatedly, moved closer, changed the batteries but the garage door would only open from the wall. I announced to my family that we had to replace the remote. “But dad” my kids said “the remote is working fine. Look!” They rushed in the garage and I heard the noise of the door opening. I pressed the button myself but nothing happened. I called your company. Meanwhile the kids were opening and closing the door as if there was no problem. I couldn't figure it out! When the kids saw the technician arriving, they blushed and hid. The technician said the remote worked fine and then I saw that he was using another remote. “I guess your children gave you the second clicker you have here” the tech said. I thanked him and screamed “kidssss” but they didn't make a sound!

If you want to get more information about us so that you can make up your mind, you can send us an email with your questions or simply call us at 512-621-7765

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