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We make your life safe with immediate garage door repair

Excellent teams for full, professional garage door services including garage door installation, maintenance, replacement and repairs.

  • Assess the condition of the lift cables as part of garage door maintenance

    Inspect both cables from top to bottom. Watch out for frayed sections and for cuts including miniature ones. If you notice any of these issues, you should have the damaged cabled replaced as soon as possible. If it snaps it may force the garage door to go off track.

  • When in doubt, let the experts handle it

    There is nothing wrong in attempting to do your own garage door repair. Not every problem requires the expertise of troubleshooting or repair experts. However, if you are unsure of the right procedures, it is better investing in professional repair services. You might easily address a loose door hinge but you may not be competent enough to handle door opener issues.

  • Install extension springs safety cables

    Extension garage door springs safety cables will save you from accidents. They actually go through the springs and, this way, they won't let springs fly away if they break. Their installation is not hard but you can always ask Garage Door Repair Lakeway for help.

  • Fix the release cord quickly

    The release cord is an essential part of the garage door opener. In case of emergencies, you'll pull it to disconnect the operator and move the door manually to save someone's life. It will also be useful during a power outage. If it's broken, it must be replaced immediately.

  • Learn how to test the balance of the door

    Knowing how to check the balance of the overhead door will help you avoid problems. Our experts recommend disconnecting the opener and opening the door up to 3-4 feet. It must open with ease to avoid issues with the garage door springs.

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